Outdoor activities

If you are an avid traveller, or you have never travelled before, and are seeking a place which will give you a unique experience, then you should definitely visit Te Anau and Fiordland. Located in New Zealand, they offer an array of activities you can do if you are visiting. Some of the outdoor activities that are likely to give you a thrill are as follows.

Take a Cruise on Lake Tanau

This lake stretches over 65 kilometres and is the largest freshwater lake in the region. It provides a serene environment to cruise around and connect with nature, while surrounded by a mass of water. If you are sailing on Lake Tanau, you will get a beautiful view of the Murchison mountains which peep from the horizon. Those who love nature can also be treated to the magnificent view of Tui birds that feed at the banks of the lake.

Go to the Fiordland National Park

The scene at the national park cannot be exhaustively told in words. You need to visit Fiordland National Park to appreciate the icy fjords, mountains, rain forest and glacial lakes. You should know that despite the scandinavian sounding names you wont find ay ice hockey players at the national park. Most tourists always ask if players visit the park often, due to the ice caps. You do not need a pile of money for you to tour New Zealand and get lost in mother nature’s fantastic art. You can also take a loan and finance your tour. After all, you only live once! While at the park, you will encounter the ancient bird Takahe among other creatures.

Have a Road Trip to Milford Sound

This should be a perfect outdoor activity if you want to familiarise yourself with the area. It is a great adventure taking a drive from Te Anau to Fiordland Park. The stretch of road takes you through the Homer Tunnel and Cleddau canyon. These breathtaking scenes will make the trip worth every second of your time.

Go People Watching

This may undoubtedly sound strange to you, but it is actually a great way to familiarise yourself with a place. If you want to know more about the culture of people in New Zealand, what better way than to watch how they interact with each other? The only way to really understand people is by interacting with them and watching their interactions with one another.

Hike Through the Various Tracks

Experienced tourists will tell you that sometimes all you need to do is abandon your vehicle and go hiking. Being on foot allows you to fully connect with nature and know the place. The wildness of Te Anau can be absorbed through hikes on the Milford track which connects you to the lake. There are other tracks, including the Kepler track and the Routeburn track. Just make sure you are fit enough to hike, or you are at least well prepared for the walk by wearing the right attire.

Go Fishing

The Walau river is a good place to enjoy a fishing venture. The waters are rich with trout, and the view as you fish is magical. It is a good outdoor activity for people travelling in groups. If you want a solitary moment, you can still go solo. You do not have to be experienced to enjoy fishing at the river. There are always tour guides who are willing to help people.