Hiking Trails

The Fiordland National Park is rightly considered to be one of the wildest areas in New Zealand due to its dense forests, native animals and high mountains. These features alone make it stand out as one of the best places to go for a hike. The hiking trails provide the best scenery for newbies who want to embrace all the beauty of hiking, and veterans who have hiked so many places before, and want to explore something different. Some of the best hiking trails in Fiordland include the following.

Kepler Track

This trail leads you all the way to the Ridgeway walks. It is loved by people on tour because when walking through the 60-kilometre track, you will get to experience sparkling streams, snow-capped mountains and lush vegetation. When hiking through the Kepler Track, you should consider having a small detour and getting into the Iris Burn Falls. Having a proper map and compass which shows you where you are, is important when going through the expansive park.

Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track

If you want to experience the beauty of the beaches, mountains and forests combined, then you should go hiking on the Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track. It will take you approximately three days to go through the 60-kilometre walk, which meanders through New Zealand’s South Coast, to the subalpine zone of the bridge. It also goes through the bridges of the native forest.

One of the popular areas is the top of the Hump Ridge, where the blowing winds and limestone provide a magnificent scenery. You should know that the area is famous for it’s difficult weather so wrap up well to avoid getting chest congestions from the strong winds. If you are not sure of your way around the Hump Ridge Track, you can pay for a guided tour.

Routeburn Track

This track has several amazing views of valleys below. While on your hike, which stretches on for about 32 kilometres, you will be exposed to several interesting elements of nature, including lakes, and lush vegetation. It is undoubtedly considered to be one of the most fulfilling hikes, due to the variety it offers when it comes to what to see. You can make bookings if you want to spend nights in the huts alongside the trails. The huts often have wardens and cooking stoves. Additionally, you could hire a tour guide to help you around.

Hollyford Track

Hiking on the Hollyford Track requires someone who has a daring spirit and a heart for adventure. This 56-kilometre track begins with a climb of the rocky Dareen mountains. It then goes through the Hollyford River valley to the depth of Martins Bay. There are many obstacles to be tackled in between, such as manoeuvring through the mushy swamps. This can be a good challenge for groups of friends, who want to have fun with a little adventure in it.

Milford Track

A hike down Milford Track is considered to be one of the best multi-hikes in the whole world. It takes you through valleys which were created through glaciers that descended on the area thousands of years ago. Milford Track is so popular that you will always get a group of people hiking through it, and it is advisable that you make an advance booking to avoid the rush.