Boat Tours

When visiting Te Anau and Fiordland, one of the exciting and adventurous things to do is enjoy the many boat tours that are held in different places. Going for a boat tour is a fun way to enjoy the peace that comes with being on a water body, and it also provides rare opportunities to see marine life.

What to Do Before Going for a Boat Tour

  • Do your research:

The best way to know about the highly recommended places to go for boat tours in Te Anau and Fiordland is by doing research either by asking around or doing an internet search. You should also check out reviews and recommendations from people who have visited places you plan to visit.

  • Ask About Safety:

Not to say that boat tours are risky, but it is always essential to have safety needs put in place. Ask if the place you plan to visit has life jackets, rescuers and good divers on standby in case of emergency.

  • Be Adventurous:

Once you put your mind into going for a boat ride, put all fears behind you and get ready to immerse yourself fully into the experience.

Where to Go for Boat Rides in Te Anau and Fiordland

  • Doubtful sound wilderness

This three-hour cruise can start either from Manapouri or Te Anau. It begins with a journey on a coach that takes people to Manapouri lake where the boat ride takes place. The boat ride provides a scenic view of the landscape around the lake. Some of the animals to be seen while on these cruise and dolphins and seals

  • Milford Sound Nature cruise

Travelling on this cruise takes about two hours. The boat trip goes through the famous Mitre peak and gives the people on the cruise an opportunity to see the waterfalls. Some of the marine animals tourists are likely to see include fur, penguins, and dolphins. There are so many fun activities of things people can do inside the boat; including fishing. There are people who have mentioned that unfortunately these aren’t riverboat casinos, but you can still find exciting ways to keep yourself entertained. To spice things up, take the ride with a group of friends. The cruise can go to the famous glow worm cave tour.

  • Te Anau Cruise on a Motor Yacht

Lake Te Anau has a good scenery for people who want to cruise and get into a guided nature walk that leads to the Fiordland national park. A boat ride on Lake Te Anau is never complete without hopping into the historic yacht. The trip is made by a group of 16 maximum so that there is no congestion. They take in a commentator who guides tourists through the journey and points out interesting facts as the cruise sails along.

  • Twin Lake Helicopter Jet Boat Combo Tour

Right from the sound of the name, this is an adventure filled trip fit for people who want to stir up their adrenaline level. This jet boat tour takes tourists from Waiau River through to Lake Manapouri. From there, there is a switch into a helicopter that hovers around Jackson Peaks and gives a beautiful view of the Fiordland national park. Before the trip, everyone on the tour is given safety attire, and there is always a guide to help tourists get situated.